Mikrotik router board rb - 941 - 2nd - tc hap lite formato torre 650mhz cpu 32mb ram 4xlan 2.4ghz 802b - g - n 2x2 wireless

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Mikrotik rb941 - 2nd - tc - rb - 9412ndtc (pulgadashap litepulgadas)

the home access point lite (hap lite) is an ideal little device for your apartment -house or office.

it supports buttón triggered wps - for the convenience of not typing a complicated password when
somebody wants to have wireless internet access - and can also be told to change to cap mode
and join a capsman centrally managed network by the push of a buttón.

of course - the device runs routeros with all the features - bandwidth shaping - firewall - user
access control and many others.

the hap lite is equipped with a powerful 650mhz cpu - 32mb ram - dual chain 2.4ghz onboard
wireless - four fast ethernet ports and a routeros l4 license.

usb power supply is included.

order code
rb941 - 2nd - tc

qca9531 650mhz cpu

32mb ddr ram

4x 10 - 100 mbit - s ethernet with auto - mdi - x

wireless cards
onboard dual chain 2.4ghz 802.11b - g - n qca9531 wireless module
10kv esd protectión on each rf port - wps support via buttón

reset switch

power led - 4x ethernet led - user led

power input
packaged with 5v dc 0.7a power adapter


max consumptión
3w at 5v

operating temp
- 20c .. +70c tested

mikrotik routeros - level 4 license (ap support)

product code rb941 - 2nd - tc
cpu nominal frequency 650 mhz
cpu core count 1
size of ram 32 mb
10 - 100 ethernet ports 4
10 - 100 - 1000 ethernet ports none
minipci slots 0
minipci - e slots 0
wireless chip model qca9533 - bl3a
wireless standards 802.11b - g - n
number of usb ports 0
power jack 0
poe in no
supported input voltage 5 v - 5 v
poe out no
voltage monitor no
pcb temperature monitor no
cpu temperature monitor no
license level 4
antenna gain dbi 1.5
current monitor no
cpu qca9533 - bl3a
max power consumptión 3w
sfp ports 0
sfp+ ports 0
number of chains 2
seríal port none